Boris Miketic (born in Karlovac, Croatia, in 1961) is a graduate in Law from the University of Zagreb and has an Economics degree from CUNY Queens College. He has been active in the Croatian tourism industry for over 30 years as President of Croatia Travel Agency, resulting in long-standing relationships with many Travel Industry Business Partners. Mr. Miketic is the recipient of the presidential medal ”The Order of Croatian Weaver” presented to him by the first president of Croatia, Dr. Franjo Tudjman, for his efforts in promoting Croatia as a tourist destination. He is an avid traveler and has visited over 120 countries in five continents. Such extensive travel makes him a strong advocate for his customers seeking travel advice. He has also served on the Croatian Government’s Advisory Council for Croats Abroad for 4 years. In addition to nurturing the tourism industry between Croatia and the United States, Mr. Miketic provides translation services on birth/death certification, divorce documents, power of attorney and advisement on the inheritance process in Croatia. He has also provided countless services to help Croatian Americans get citizenship in their homeland and has been a notary public in both Queens and New York Counties for 25 years. Boris Miketic was a host on the Croatian Radio Show in NYC in order to convey news and broadcast traditional Croatian music to the Croatian community living in the Tri-State area for over 20 years. Lastly, he helped raise over $40,000 of humanitarian aid to rebuild the Petrinja and Sisak Hospital after the 2020 Zagreb Earthquake, as part of the Croatia Fund in New York.

Mr. Miketic serves on the Board of directors of Pacific Asia Travel Association New York Chapter. He is also a member of SKAL New York chapter.

Gratitude is all about perspective. Don’t forget where you came from.

Viva Croatia!


Boris Miketic

President of Croatia Travel, New York

Notary public of the State of New York – Certified court interpreter