Heidi Wohlfahrt-Granic was born and raise in Los Angeles, California. Her parents and her brother immigrated to the U.S.A from Zagreb, Croatia (then Yugoslavia) in 1955. Her father Branko Wohlfahrt was a true “Purger” born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, while her mother Jelena Pribanic-Wohlfahrt was born in Modrus, a small village near Josipdol in the Lika region of Croatia. Her parents met and were married in Zagreb. Her brother Dubravko was also born in Zagreb, Croatia.

Heidi, since her early childhood, was active at the  St Anthony Croatian Catholic parish in Los Angeles. Starting from Croatian Children’s school at age 5 to present day. From her involvement in the St Anthony Kolo Club Croatia she developed a deep love for Croatian Folklore. She has been the Kolo teacher at the parish since 1980 to present.

Heidi Wohlfahrt-Granic was the driving force that launched The Croatian Cultural Extravaganza Festival in Los Angeles in 1998 with her dear friend and choreographer, Mr. Zeljko Jergan. This Festival has now grown, from the original event, into the largest gathering of Croatian Youth on the West Coast of the U.S.A.  She also has been active and holds Executive Board positions in several Croatian Organizations in the Los Angeles area as well as her tireless work and participation in Parish Council and the Finance Council at the St Anthony Croatian Catholic Church in Los Angeles, California.

In her professional career, she is the Accounting Manager currently working for a large Underground Utility Contractor. She handles many different tasks from Contract Administration, Human Resources and all aspects of Financial Accounting. Her firm is responsible for building and repairing major sewer, water line and storm drain projects in the Greater Los Angeles area.



Heidi W. Granic                                 Zeljko Jergan