I was born in 1958 in Split. From the age of seven I lived and was educated in Šibenik. I finished high school in America through a student exchange. Then in Zagreb I sang in the choir “Ivan Goran Kovačić” under the direction of maestro Vladimir Kranjčević. However, I went to America again in 1985, where I founded the klapa (group of a capela singers) “Astoria”, and we worked with maestros Srđan Berdović and Bubalo. We had performances in Madison Square Garden, Lincoln Center on Broadway, as well as in Croatia. We performed at the Omiš Klapa Festival. In addition to the “Astoria” band, I play and sing in the “Dalmati” band. I promote Croatian tradition and culture with the help of close friends who have been working for a long time and with great renunciation to maintain Croatian customs and culture.


I wish current and future generations much success in promoting their work. They amaze me every day with folkloric singing and dancing. I wish the future generation the same, if not greater, ambition, love and desire for the cultural representation of “Lijepa naša” (Our beautiful, meaning Croatia).


Josip Lacmanović