Born in Lima in 1972.

MBA from the Escuela de Negocios Booth, from the University of Chicago (EE. UU.) and Bachelor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Lima (Perú). Tiene experiencia en el sector public y privado. Currently, he serves as CEO of the Corporación Educativa San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL), with operations in Peru, Paraguay and the United States (Florida).

Additionally, he is president of the Directing Council of the Federation of Private Institutions of Higher Education – FIPES; presidente del Comité de Educación de CONFIEP, y miembro de su Directorio; Member of the Directory of the Red Association of Latin American and Caribbean Private Universities – REALCUP; president of the Association of Graduates of the University of Chicago Booth in Peru; and member of the Directorio de Junior Achievement Perú.

Juan Manuel Ostoja is a descendant of Juan Ostoja Brasich, founder of the Slava Charity Society in 1906. After 115 years of institutional life, the society is still active in Peru under the current name of Asociación Croata Dubrovnik, which allows the comunidad croata en el Perú continúe agrupada y vinculada a los valores, principios y cultura croata.