The SABS cookbook

  In 1908 Teresa Madoti at the age of 21 and her husband John Zatkovich at the age of 23 went to live in Tacoma, WA. They had a daughter [...]


The Klapa Kartolina

  “Klapa Kartolina” is a mixed klapa (group of a capella singers) of six members, which has been active since 2013, and is attached to the Croatian parish of St. [...]


Zoran Tijardović

  Zoran Tijardović was born in 1966 in Varaždin and grew up in Split, where he finished school and graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering. He has been living [...]


Višnja Tijardović

      Višnja Tijardović was born in Split in 1970, and was educated in Split and Zagreb, where she completed her musical education as a graduated solo singer and [...]

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