Magistar Joza Vrljicak

    Joza Vrljicak was born in Buenos Aires in 1947. After graduation, he studied languages and economics in Argentina and in Canada, where he earned a Master's degree and [...]



Romano Šupljina The history of my family begins in 1927 on the Istrian peninsula, when my father Romano Šupljina of Italian nationality was born in Trieste, the son of a [...]


The Jelovina Family story

  This is a family story of Zvonko Jelovina:   Our family history begins in Croatia, during the war of the Balkan countries (it is meant the Second World’s War), [...]


Bojanić / Dujmović Family

  This story begins at the end of the 19th century when our grandparents were born on the island of Hvar, present-day Croatia, at that time under the Austro-Hungarian empire. [...]

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