Steve Musich was born in Oakland, California on April 10, 1934 to parents Lucija and Antun Musich (originally Mušić), Croatian immigrants from the town of Lumbarda on Korčula. Though far removed from their homeland, Steve’s parents were able to instill qualities in their sons that were typical of a young boy living in Dalmatia which included a love for the sea and fishing, but more importantly persistence, hard work, and a love of one’s family.

These qualities are something Steve held onto and guided him through his adult life and until his death October 26, 2020. After graduating from college and a stint in the Army Reserve, Steve became a licensed Contractor and Real Estate Broker. He quickly started his own company, SJM Construction Company, in 1975, which he would go on to run for 38 years. Most of his clientele was in San Francisco, but he also served clients around the greater metropolitan area of Northern California, even reaching out as far as Nevada.

Along with these business pursuits, Steve was active in community organizations not only focused in the San Francisco Bay area, but also in the homeland of his parents. These included but are not limited to the Olympic Club, San Mateo Elks, Saint Bartholomew’s Catholic Church, Lumbarda Club and the Croatian American Cultural Center.

Steve enjoyed spending time with his loving companion, Helen O’Brian, extended family, and friends. He also enjoyed regular trips to Lumbarda, Croatia with Helen, his children, and his grandchildren to visit their extended families and explore their roots. Steve would consider his biggest success to be his family who he loved dearly. These included his sons Anthony and Joseph, daughter Melissa, their respective spouses Mary K, Lauren, and Pete, and his seven grandchildren (Caitlin, Isabella, Ryan, Logan, Charlie, Brady and Aidan). Following Steve’s example, his grandchildren have been raised in “Croatian spirit” and visit regularly during summer and have a deep respect and appreciation for Croatia and the humble beginnings of their family in Lumbarda.

Though there were many up and downs in Steve’s life, he was able to master the art of balance and keeping a positive look on life always saying to his sons, Anthony and Joseph, “to be in the moment and enjoy the little things.” Today his many principles and life lessons still live on through his children, grandchildren, and the many others who he touched throughout his life.