My roots: A story told by Laura Kegalj Rebich (55) a teacher from Marina Teresa, Santa Fe, Argentina

And so the landscape on the other side of the sea remained between the seams. That house where my grandmother Catalina Ramić lived, dreaming of traveling to Argentina to reunite with her husband José Kegalj and continue running the family…


Catalina (Kata) Ramich


I think there were also his tears and longings for the Croatian homeland that he left behind in order to follow his destiny, but which he will never forget but share with us in words, cooking recipes and many anecdotes that come back to my mind today..

In this tapestry of my story, there was no shortage of room for the miraculous lake and the house of my paternal grandfather Miho Rebić, who watched the magnificent blueness of its waters next to him. A significant part of the landscape of my life, which when I close my eyes I seem to see it through grandfather’s slow and warm voice.



Grandpa Miho                                 Miho in Argentina                                                    Detalj


Of course, in the center is, the house in Argentina, where I grew up loving those huge beings who gave me so much, forged from the heart in two countries.

Here I am, in this piece of fabric embroidered until late at nights, stealing time from my routine. Remembering those grandfather’s words so wise: Blood is not water… of course it is not. And that skill of my grandmother Catalina is in me, I feel it and my chest fills with happiness. The thread of memory passes slowly and lovingly through the fabric.



Now I am a grandmother… I will pass this legacy on to my grandson, who looks at me from his stroller and smiles.

I hum a dear lullaby and love connects us. Nothing else is needed.






Written by: María Gabriela Sanchez