Aspira College of Management and Design and Radio Bar Croata from Rosario, Argentina organized a competition for a family story. The goal of the contest was to encourage Croatian families in emigration to publish their stories in the recently opened Aspirin Virtual Museum of emigration. The competition ended on Friday, October 28, 2022, when the lucky winner of the prize, which was generously offered by Dean Alen Jerkunica, was drawn in a live show. The prize was drawn according to the lottery system, because all stories are equally important to us, and the lucky winner, Elena Pane de Perez Maricevich, was given the opportunity to study at Aspira College for free for a year. She is a well-known Paraguayan academic and the wife of the late academic Franscisco Perez Maricevich, and it is assumed that Mrs. Pane de Perez Maricevich will not come to study in Split, but she has the right to present the prize to a member of her family or a friend. The winner was drawn by Josip Radić, coordinator of the international cooperation office at Aspira, who can present to all interested parties what Aspira offers its students.

Croats from five South American countries, namely Argentina, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay, applied for the competition. The participants of the competition were:



  1. Tania Mare
  2. David Boskovic (Bošković)
  3. Carola Noemi Rodriguez Radocaj (Radočaj)
  4. Laura Kegalj Rebic (Rebić)
  5. Susana Gilli Bojanic (Bojanić)
  6. Zvonko Jelovina
  7. Jorgelina Miranda Hooray Oaks
  8. Alicia Emilia Suplina (Supljina)
  9. Luisina Rampinini Pasinovich
  10. Matias Pracht (Batos)



  1. Juan Carlos Sisul (Sišul)
  2. Alicia Patricia Perez Pane
  3. Esteban Armando Kriskovich De Vargas (Krišković)
  4. Isabela Calcena Lusichici (Lušičić)
  5. Ruth Cocian (Kočan)
  6. Mariana Glavinic Luraschi (Glavinić)
  7. Elena Pane de Perez Maricevich (Maričević)
  8. Davor Krellac Garcia



  1. Camila Mejia
  2. Antonio Ernesto Echeverria Zaput (Caput)



  1. Dragomir Srećko Mileta



  1. Dusan Vuskovic (Dušan Vušković)
  2. Lorenzo Caglevic Bakovic (Caglevic Bakovic)


Dean Alen Jerkunica, coordinator for international relations Josip Radić and my little one, we congratulate the winner, and we thank all the candidates for their participation and would like to note that we are still open to cooperation and that we will be happy to continue receiving your family stories. So write and contact us.



Branka Bezić Filipović