Esteban Armando Kriskovich De Vargas sent these family photos:


Asuncion, 1952: in the center standing José Kirskovich Radetich, in front of him seated Emilia Prevedoni de Kriskovich. From left to right: Roberto Kriskovich Prevedoni (medical doctor), José Kriskovich Prevedoni (lawyer), José Kriskovich Radetich (father, the baker), Eligio Kriskovich Prevedoni (chemist), Luis Roque Kriskovich Prevedoni (baker). From left to right seated: Elva Kriskovich Prevedoni, Emilia Prevedoni de Kriskovich y Chingola Kriskovich Prevedoni.


José Kriskovich Radetich the bowling champion in 1960ies


The whole Kriskovich Prevedoni family at the wedding of Roberto Kriskovich Prevedoni and Mary Pichler, in 1970: José Kriskovich Radetich and his wife Emilia Corina Prevedoni de Kriskovich,  José Kriskovich Prevedoni and his wife Gladys Beatriz De Vargas Moreno de Kriskovich; Chingola Emilia Beatriz Kriskovich Prevedoni and her husband Alcibiades Farias; Elva Kriskovich Prevedoni de Gill and her husband Julio Cesar Gill Paleari; Eligio Cesar Kriskovich Prevedoni and his wife Yenny Nancy Cabañas; Luis Roque Kriskovich Prevedoni and his wife Rosa Almada de Kriskovich.



Historic photo of the Kriskovich De Varga boys in 1974:

-Paulo José Kriskovich De Vargas (lawyer and judge)

-Pedro Juan Kriskovich De Vargas (journalist, assistant professor at the university)

-Esteban Armando Kriskovich De Vargas (lawyer, doctor of law, secretary of the Supreme Court, former ambassador of the Holy Chair in Rome from 2011 to 2019)

-Cristian Daniel Kriskovich De Vargas (lawyer, assistant professor at the university, former president of the Magistrates Prosecution Jury and member of the Judicial Council)