My name is Antonio Ernesto Marcelo Echeverría Zaput I am son of Antonio José Echeverría Salcedo and María Antonieta Zaput. I was born in Miraflores, Lima, Peru, on April 9th 1957.


  Maria Antonieta Zaput


I work independently in the Real Estate Business.

I am currently in Lima, Peru while in 2019 and 2020 I was residing in Malaga and Madrid, Spain, where I came to do an MBA in Real Estate to expand my knowledge in the Real Estate and tourism sector in the European Market.

My great-grandfather Mateo Zaput (Mate Caput) was born in Dubrovnik on September 22nd 1860 as son of Nikola Caput and Paula Perović.

My great-grandfather Mateo Zaput, emigrated to America in his youth, attracted like many others, by the benefits that America offered him and by the problems that Europe suffered in those years and he dedicated himself to the Export of Whale Oil to Europe as well to mining, acquiring several mines in the North of Peru, achieving together with his sister Ana Zaput, who later came to support him in 1882, a magnificent economic position.



Mate Caput (Mateo Zaput), his birth certificate and house where he was born in Dubrovnik


Nicolas Ernesto Zaput


My great-grandfather had two sons, my grandfather Nicolás Ernesto Zaput Rivera and Pedro Zaput.

They always wanted to return to Dubrovnik, but their wish did not come true.

I managed to fulfill the dream of my Great-grandfather and Grandfather since I have traveled to Dubrovnik three times, and resided in Split from March 2021 to March 2022, since I acquired Croatian Nationality, of which I feel very proud and happy. I love my roots, and now my homeland.



It motivates me a lot to learn the Croatian language, and to follow a Profession at the Aspira University College of Split since my intention is to live soon in Split, Croatia and be able to function in Croatian language, with the possibility of starting a business, that is why I am applying to the Aspira University Scholarship in Split.

Written by: Antonio Ernesto Echeveria Zaput

Translated from Spanish: Branka Bezić Filipović