LUKA BOROEVIĆ, son of Marko and Nediljka Kragić, was born in Split on October 9, 1860. In 1906, he emigrated to the north in the mountainous part of Peru to the town of Huallanca. He had the El Socorro silver mine there. He had a sister Stefanija Elizabeta in Split. It is recorded that the owner of the SB mine in the same place was Aleksandar Boroević (the surname was changed to Borrovic in Peru), and one of his successors was a chemical engineer.

The son of Luka Boroević (now Borrovic), Alejandro Borrovic Alonzo married Marciala Gaspar. From this marriage Helen Borrovic Gaspar was born, who married Carlos Gutiérrez Pardo who had  Wilfreddy Lucas Gutierrez Borrovic as their son. His son by profession Lawyer and Doctor of Laws Wilfreddy Luis Gutierres Solorzano sent us information about his family.


Wilfred Luis and his birth certificate



Wilfreddy Lucas Gutierres Borrovic and his death certificate


Birth certificate of Wilfred Luis’s Great grandfather Luka Boroević born in Split in 1860 at sv. Duje parish.



Stefania Elizabeth, Luka’s sister from Split