Zoran Sova was born in 1962 in Kakanj. He graduated from the Faculty of Metallurgy in Zenica, where he lived and worked until the beginning of the Homeland War. After a few years as a refugee in Germany, he settled in Knin, where he became actively involved in the work of Knin writers and published his first book of poems in 2000 under the title “Raširiti krila” published by Matica hrvatska Knin. These were the poems that he managed to save from the whirlwind of war.

In the same year, a group of Knin artists published a memorial book “Knin writers to their town”, which Zoran technically edited and prepared for printing. It is a work that writers and painters from Knin wanted to congratulate their city on the fifth anniversary of liberation.

However, Zoran left his beloved city of Knin in 2001 and went to live in Las Vegas, USA. There he became actively involved in the work of emigrant poets and became a member of the HIL NY, Croatian Emigrant Poetry Association New York in 2005, where he held the position of vice president from 2009 to 2013. His poems were published in their two collections:

“Rječi moja lanterno života” published by the Croatian Catholic Mission, New York, 2005 and “Poems from afar” published by the Croatian World Congress, New York, 2010.

Somehow, at the same time, Knin’s Literary Circle publishes its second book in 2006 under the title “Witnesses of Time”, edited by Fabijan Lovrić, published by HKD Napredak Knin, which includes nine poems by Zoran Sova.

While working as a taxi driver in Las Vegas, he wrote for Trip Sheet magazine from 2005-2010. which comes out once a month in 10,000 copies. The column was called To be or not to be Taxi Driver.

Zoran translated into English a collection of poetry for children, a picture book by Fabijan Lovrić, “Zvjezdana Staza/ Star track”, published by the author in Knin in 2018.

His poems were also published in other books such as:

“Odbljesci kruga” a collection of poems by KLD Rešetari, Rešetari 2007, “Valentino’s Day” – an international collection of love poetry published by Kulture Snova, Zagreb 2013, “Who is Who in the BiH Diaspora” published by the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo 2012.

Recently, he has been writing fairy tales for children, and the first published was “Slavni lovci” (Dodo and Mimi), a picture book for children in verse, published by Matica Hrvatska, Široki brijeg, in 2021, while two books of fairy tales are still being prepared.

Zoran Sova’s message is as follows:

In order to realize your dreams, you need to cross the border of fear.