PAULA PEXIDER SRICA WINGE, (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 19), is an Advertising professional with more than 20 years of experience in the textile retail sector.

Brazilian, daughter of a Croatian from Zagreb who, in the 1950s, moved to Brazil and settled in the city of São Paulo.

For unknown reasons, the family’s past in Croatia wasn’t often talked about, however a little bit of the language, some traditions, cuisine and belongings have always been part of their lives here on the new continent.

In order to understand better the family’s history and migration process, in 2018 Paula started studying the Croatian language.

From that moment on, a new world opened up before her: she started attending Croatian association’s events, met relatives, made new friends and had the opportunity to rescue the so diverse Croatian embroidery tradition.

As a member of the croatian community, she created the Croatian Embroidery Club and workshops, which according to her, represent cultural and affective recovery.

Besides, she founded @croaciapontoaponto, a research and publications page, in which she reproduces different croatian embroidery patterns.

Based on the knowledge acquired with textiles and the desire to preserve this art, she started applying Croatian embroidery in different every day products.